During this period of increasing energy costs there are a number of approaches that businesses and domestic users typically take to managing energy costs.  The majority of these strategies focus on two simple factors.

- Reducing consumption
- Reducing unit cost of energy

Both of these are totally valid and should be pursued as an initial response to general energy efficiency and cost management.  Many energy reduction methods are well proven, established technologies and there is an abundance of companies and specialist consultancies that can assist in these areas.

Voltage optimisation
Low voltage lighting
Improved efficiency motors
Solar & wind generation 
Improved metering and consumption analysis
Energy supply contract negotiation
Exemptions & incentives (FITs, ROCs, EU ETS & CCAs, CCL & LECs)

Smart Grid opportunities extend beyond the principals of using less and buying cheaper.  In many cases a Smart Grid opportunity will involve a third party who can offer an opportunity to reduce costs or even pay to affect  how your energy  is  managed.  These third parties  can gain efficiencies within their business operations through the ability to interact with consumers and generators and as a result will pay for that priviledge.  Examples of these are listed below.

The System Operator  (TSO - National Grid)

Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR)
Fast Reserve
Frequency Control by Demand Management (FCDM)

Distribution Network Operator (DNO)

Distribution Use of System Charging (DUoS)
Generation Distribution Use of System payments (GDUoS)
Low Carbon Network Fund (LCNF - Ofgem funded innovation projects)

Electricity Suppliers & Traders

Voluntary Load Management (VLM)
Triad Management (TNUoS charge avoidance)
Profiled energy purchase
Energy Trading
Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Different opportunities are suited to different business based on many factors and SGC are able to assess from organisational levels down to site specific compatibility.  Based upon building type, nature of business, asset type  and other considerations, SGC can provide a clear strategy and delivery plan for appropriate participation in Smart Grid opportunities.

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