Project Delivery

The final stage of the Smart Grid proposition is the implementation which normally starts with a site meeting to establish a 'programme of works' that details the process, responsibilities and timeline.  On smaller projects this can be project managed by SGC, but for larger more complex schemes it may be more appropriate to appoint a dedicated project manager.

Depending on the nature of the project it may be necessary for contractors to each supply a 'scope of works' & 'method statement for approval before a final project plan can be approved and unnecessary risks avoided.

With a project manager to co-ordinate contractors and liaise with the on site personel it should be possible to minimise any disruption or potential operational risks.  From 5 years experience of such projects and processes SGC are familiar with many of the challenges and issues that can impact commissioning.  With the benefit of this knowledge we can ensure the smoothest possible delivery and help avoid unexpected delays or additional costs.

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