SGC are seeking expressions of interest from parties who would potentially like to acquire a containerised lithium iron phosphate battery following its use in Network Innovation Trials. 

This is a 300kW, 640kWh,  unit that has been participating in test for just over a year to see how well it can provide a number of different services, such as peak lopping the output from the solar park, arbitrage, supplying energy to the distribution grid at peak times etc.  There is already a desire on the part of the site owner in the South West where it is currently located, but as this project has been largely funded through the Ofgem Innovations Fund we are acting on behalf of the Distribution Network Operator to ensure that we get the best value for customers.

The battery is self contained and can be transported on a suitable lorry,  relocation should be a realistic prospect and it would extend the learning of the innovation project to understand the costs and issues associated with battery relocation.   If storage assets can be relocated at a reasonable cost, then purchasing this type of battery may be a useful strategy to reduce risk.  It should also be noted that the purchaser will also have the responsibility to 'make good' the site from which it is being removed, and details relating to this will be provided to interested parties.

As the storage system has been used for operational trials there will be a great deal of performance data relating to the battery capabilities that will be available to interested parties as part of the procurement exercise and to satisfy any due diligence that is necessary before concluding any transaction.  The expression of interest period will run until the 27th April after which SGC will manage the engagement between the current owner and interested parties.

For further information or to express your interest, please send your details to


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