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What is the 'Smart Grid' ?

It is possibly best described as a catch all term that has been coined to describe  a wide range of ideas and initiatives that are necessary to address the issues we have with how we currently generate and consume energy.  These include;

Smart metering
 Network automation
 Embedded generation
 Energy efficiency
 Load shifting
 Constraint management
 Private networks
 Demand response

Some of these can be regarded in isolation as a cost reduction or risk management  initiative, but there is a growing trend where their impact can be more widespread.  For example, improved metering and understanding of variable tariffs  can change the economics of your business at various times of the day and impact how you choose to mange your daily operations.  This increased understanding and ability to control may in turn be of value to sell to National Grid, DNO or energy supplier creating new incremental revenue.

The UK energy sector is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of change.  There are many complex factors driving this including;

Increasing energy costs
Revisions to regulation framework
Revisions to distribution incentives
Ageing infrastructure
Changing generation mix 
Electricity Market Review (EMR)
Changing consumption requirements (heat pumps, electric vehicles)
Growing capacity of embedded generation
Carbon reduction incentives & taxes

In order to assess the potential opportunities and understand how energy generation / consumption will affect your business, it is important to recognise and understand the likely impact of each factor.  Aspects such as changing generation mix could be perceived as presenting additional risks to your operations through increased potential for supply intermittency.  However it is feasible that the response to this may result in extra infrastructure investment on your sites including embedded generation, which in turn would present scope for significant new savings and or revenue.  Some opportunities are restricted by geography, network capability or a host of other factors.

Through experience and market knowledge SGC can keep you informed on many the latest developments across the market and those specific to you.  Highlighting any developing risks and presenting the most appropriate solutions to assist your energy strategy.  This broad  level of intelligence to identify risks, solutions and optimised strategies in order to take full advantage of Smart Grid developments is unique to SGC.  Beyond this we can also identify suppliers, manage tenders, negotiate contracts and assist connection permissions.  

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