Supplier selection

Once one or more opportunities have been identified it is necessary to create a comprehensive project plan and identify the suitable suppliers.  It may be that a site is not of adequate capacity or due to contractual restrictions it is preferable to access Smart Grid opportunities through an intemediary such as an aggregator.  SGC can match opportunities with the most suitable provider either by means of specific capability or managing  a tender process.

Aggregators provide a range of benefits over direct engagement with larger organisations such as the TSO, DNOs or electricity suppliers.  They do however have a variety of technical approaches and levels of support in site comissioning.  

After a proposition is accepted and appropriate 'Scope of Works' created it is necessary to appoint contractors to quote for and ultimately carry out any necessary infrastructure upgrades.  Incumbent contractors are typically preferred but with an extensive network of experienced providers, SGC can carry out appropriate supplier selection processes where necessary and where specialist skills are required.

Typical supplier skills that may be necessary;

Generator controls installer
Refrigeration controls installer
BMS / SCADA controls provider
Generator & Switchgear maintenance / installation
DNO connections negotiation
Electrical design engineer
Electricity supplier / power purchaser
Suitable fuel supplier
Project management

Other Services