Western Power Distribution who have been leading the charge to develop demand side flexibility services, that will enable customers to actively participate in maintaining a healthy and efficient network, reached a further milestone as it went live on the 1st April.  

This is no April Fool, although the speed at which they have developed this capability may catch many by surprise.  This is the latest development from WPD to have been at the forefront of developing commercial solutions and it combines with their public stance that they will transform their business from having a largely engineering and asset management focus, to a more dynamic outlook associated with Distribution System Operation (DSO).   https://www.westernpower.co.uk/About-us/Our-Business/Our-network/Strategic-network-investment/DSO-Strategy.aspx

Flexible Power will initially be operating in the M1-M40 corridor in the Midlands and covers an extensive area including Coventry at the North, down to south of Buckingham and Milton Keynes.  Any organisations with flexible loads or generation can participate in the programme directly or via an aggregator if they already provide DSR services.  The trial will be testing three new services that will help DNOs manage potential constraints or emergency events through the participation of third party participation, in return for new incremental revenue.  The services have been designed to minimise any burden or participants through the creation of a new online portal to manage every aspect of the programme and also enable revenue stacking alongside any other DSR services that participants may already be contracted to.

Although the trial has already commenced, there is still the opportunity for new providers to get involved and they can find out more by visiting the dedicated Flexible Power web site at  flexiblepower.co.uk